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From Around the Web: Nov. 28 Edition

November 28th, 2011

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, Tyler Perry reaches out to the whistleblower Penn State abuse victim, Wyclef Jean is back in the spotlight over his charity’s spending and Occupy L.A. tries to flex its muscle against an evacuation deadline.

Black atheists face stigma at home. [NYT]

Tyler Perry writes open letter to Penn State victim. [Daily Beast]

N.J. Tea Party blames Obama for Black unemployment. [Star-Ledger]

Black Kentucky twins seek opera fame. [Kernel]

Legendary Black photographer Teenie Harris honored in new exhibit. [BET]

Wyclef Jean is back in hot water over charity spending. [BET]

Eqypt pulls off first election since uprising. [MSNBC]

Occupy L.A. refuses to heed deadline. [LATimes]

FDA allows manufacturers to reuse wayward food. [MSNBC]

Illegal immigrant laws affect citizens too. [Hattiesburg American]

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Maxwell, Rihanna Sing for Haiti

January 21st, 2010


Music stars Maxwell and Rihanna use their talents to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Both performers, along with Wyclef Jean were guests on the Oprah Winfrey show on Wednesday to encourage people to donate to the earthquake ravaged Caribbean nation.

From the Wall Street Journal

On Winfrey’s show, Rihanna performed a version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” “This song for me growing up, any time there was a really difficult situation, I listened to this song because it was so liberating,” said Rihanna.

R&B singer Maxwell, who was born in Brooklyn but said he was raised by a Haitian grandmother, performed “Fistful of Tears.” “It’s been devastating for me,” said Maxwell of the earthquake. “My heritage is from there on some level.”

Both songs by Maxwell and Rihanna are available for purchase through iTunes for a limited time. Proceeds from the sale of the tracks will go to organizations like the Red Cross which are leading relief efforts in Haiti.

Click here to see video of Maxwell and Rihanna.

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Wyclef Defends Yele’ Haiti Charity

January 19th, 2010


Musician and Haiti activist Wycelf Jean defended his organization, Yele’ Haiti, from criticism as well as called for the relocation of 2 million Haitians after the massive 7.0 earthquake that rocked the Caribbean nation last week.

Jean held a press conference to respond to media reports that claimed the former Fugees star has used proceeds from his charitable organization for personal gain.

Yele’ Haiti has raised more than $2 million for earthquake relief, according to the United Kingdom Press Association.

“Have I made mistakes? Yes,” Jean said a press conference in New York Monday. “Did I use Yéle money for personal gains? Absolutely not. The books are open. We have a clean bill of health from an auditor.”

Jean, who personally helped dragged bodies out of toppled buildings,  said the destruction in Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince is so severe that at least 2 million residents need to be relocated.

Watch video of the news conference below.

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Wyclef and Twitter Make Beautiful Music

July 28th, 2009

By Sherri L. Smith,

As Twitter continues to grow and assert its social media dominance, we’ve watched as the 140-charcater messaging tool build networking bridges that might not have formed otherwise through online interaction or offline events called Tweetups. With its quick and easy interface we’ve seen some of our favorite celebs get in on the act, even the “Big O,” herself.

While some celebrities use Twitter as a quick and easy way to keep fans up on the latest, others use it as an avenue to connect with fans on a more personal level for better or worse. One Twitter TMI moment came when Diddy (@iamdiddy) disclosed he was taking a break from a 36-hour tantric sex romp. Another infamous moment came via Baby Spec (@IAMSPECTACULAR) from Pretty Ricky as he issued a grindoff challenge to other male artists. And while those were some cringeworthy moments. Artists like Wyclef Jean choose to use his Twitter powers for good.

Clef recently wrapped up his “More Bottles Remix” contest.  The world renowned producer and artist reached to his fans via his web site and Twitter account (@wyclef) to find out who could take his new song, “More Bottles,” and make the best remix. Participants created a 30 second Bubble Tweet with thier reimagined version of the track. Bubble Tweet for those of you that might still be a Twitter n00b, is a third-party application that lets users add video to their twitter stream. Once the tracks were submitted, it was all up to the fans to listen to the tracks and choose the winners. Out of the many entries that were submitted, only eight people had the skills to impress the fans and Wyclef. Those lucky few recently travelled to meet the Grammy-award winning artist at his studio, Platinum Sound,  to lay down a track that will be available on a mixtape featuring DJ Drama scheuled for an September release as well as a self-titled LP  set for a January 2010 release. And to add a cherry to the proverbial top, those that made it to the winner’s circle will also have their music made available to the world on iTunes in August.

Wyclef currently has 617,601 followers on his twitter account which only took three short months to accumlate. The automatic response should and will be, “So? He’s famous, of course people will follow him in droves.” It’s important to note how Jean interacts with his followers. A common complaint amongst the regular folk that make Twitter tick is that celebrity tweeters only follow fellow celebrities and rarely speak to the legions of fans that follow them. Jean not only bucks the trend, but he actually encouraged his followers to contribute to his music. As the eight winners were in the studio laying down their tracks, the whole session was being streamed live via Wyclef’s website. Every so often he would stop the session to check out fan feedback and tweek the winner’s performance based on that feedback.

While it’s obvious that all this activity is building hype for the upcoming projects, and it’s a smart move, especially in this climate where even the most established artists have to get creative about bring in the sales. By engaging his fans in this manner, Jean has the potential to create something totally new that fans can totally get behind because technically, it’ll be a project made for the people, by the people. covers website and application launches; culturally relevant Internet industry news; and mainstream Internet industry news from an African-American perspective.  They also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture.

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