Wells Fargo Calls NAACP Suit ‘Reckless’

March 19th, 2009

Wells Fargo, which is being sued by the NAACP, is denying that it steered Blacks and Hispanics toward high-risk, high-interest loans, even though they often had equal or better credit ratings than their White counterparts. “The NAACP’s allegations are totally unfounded and reckless,” Wells Fargo said in a statement. “We have never tolerated, and will never tolerate, discrimination in any way, shape or form in any of our business practices, products or services. We are proud of our lengthy record leading the industry in responsible lending practices and in support of the communities we serve, which makes the very thought of a discrimination claim reprehensible to us. We intend to vigorously defend these unfounded allegations.” Read the rest.

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Georgia Said on


you people have commited so many nasty and evil crimes that have victimized so many innocent people of all races. and yet you still on here arguing and lying about blacks. you are a big joke. you ain’t foolin nobody david. you call us victims but you can’t sing that song forever. sooner or later you people will pay for what you have done to non-whites and blogging on BET ain’t gonna protect your pale azz. every race that has come to this country has been victimized by you people david. there is no excuse for all the blatant racism that you post every day. your heart is black and you have no soul. one day God will deal with you personally and you won’t be able to hide behind your computer david.

jeanise Said on

this is nothing new we have always paid higher interest than our white counterparts to get a house we have to have a one credit making way more money than they do they all descriminate just more sofisticated if it was just blacks and hispanis suffering in this crisis it owuld naot be a crisis who does not know that they gave all these loans to people who could not afford them but they were not people of color and we know it we can’t get nothing unless we give an arm and leg that’s why the pay day lenders came about it will never be fair and i do not look for it too so i work and buy what i can and pray for a better day for my great grandchildren

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