World News: Grenada Cracks Down on Sagging Pants; Senegal Jails Nine Men for Homosexuality

January 10th, 2009

Saggy Pants 

Grenada cracks down on saggin’ pants.

Officials in Grenada are cracking down on people who wear sagging pants that show their underwear. The move by the Caribbean island nation follows similar bans in a few U.S. cities. The country’s police Commissioner James Clarkson believes the crack-down will bring “back morality into20the country,” reports Caribbean Net News. Some young men have forgotten where their waist is, he added. As another result, women in the nation are doing the same thing; wearing their clothes very low. “Any time you allow lawlessness to start taking effect on your country, you have a problem,” he said. Clarkson, who was appointed in August, said he is looking to form a closer relationship with the press. He also announced that he wants to improve the working conditions for female officers.

Nine in Senegal convicted of homosexuality.

An HIV-prevention activist and eight others in Senegal have been sentenced to prison for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts. The group was arrested in a raid at the apartment of the activist Diadji Diouf, weeks after Senegal hosted an international AIDS conference. Senegal, which is mainly a Muslim country, is among 38 nations that have outlawed acts of homosexuality.

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