iPhone 3G S: Everything You Need To Know

June 15th, 2009

By Leon Scott, BlackWeb20.com

As many of you may already know, Apple made a number of major announcements early last week at WWDC 2009, the biggest involving the red-hot iPhone. Below is a guide to what features are new, what’s remained the same, and just about anything else necessary to assist those who may be considering purchasing one. 

An iPhone for all price ranges: The announcement of the iPhone 3G S also came with the news that the current 8GB iPhone 3G will be priced at $99. Although it lacks many of the features of the 3G S, it’s still a nice phone for someone who may have wanted an iPhone, but was initially scared away by the price tag. For those who would rather pay more to get the most out of the new features, the 16 GB iPhone 3G S costs $199, and the 32 GB iPhone 3G S goes for $299.

The same carrier: Unless you search around for an unlocked one(and most likely, pay a lot more for your iPhone 3G S), you will still need to go through AT&T. This is not good news  for current users, because as it stands, they will have to break their current contract and pay more to upgrade to the 3G S.

Faster performance: The iPhone 3G S is touted as being 2-3 times faster than the 3G, with updated 3D graphics.

Better camera resolution with video: The iPhone 3G S camera has gone from 2 megapixels to 3, so the quality of still images has improved. It also allows you to record video and do basic edits, which you can send online instantly.

More hands-free features: Both the 3G and the 3G S feature the voice memo application, which allows you to capture and share audio notes on the go. The 3G S also comes with Voice Control, which recognizes names of your contacts and songs in your iPod on command.

Easier typing: The 3G and 3G S allows you to cut, copy and paste words and photos between applications and from the web. Both  also give the option of rotating the phone and typing in landscape mode to take advantage of a larger keyboard.

Still the sexiest phone on the market: One thing Apple has truly mastered with their products is the marriage of cutting edge technology with beautiful design. The iPhone 3G S is available in black as well as white, while the 3G still has the black colorway.

For more detailed information on the iPhone 3G S, you can visit Apple’s website, check out this collection of articles outlining just about every technical aspect imaginable of the 3G S, or check out the video below:

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