Don’t Get Mad. Get Honest about Pres. Obama’s Comment

Published by Tanu Henry on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 7:33 pm.

By Pamela Gentry, Senior Political Analyst

July, 23, 2009 – President Obama has stirred up a firestorm with his criticism of Cambridge Police officers who bb_pam_gentry1arrested a friend of his, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., in his own home.  Obama said, the police “acted stupidly” – and the comment has dominated headlines over health care reform ever since. 

I think the president gave his “opinion” and I wasn’t aware that was not allowed by the commander-in-chief.  He made every attempt to say his opinion may be biased because of his friendship with Dr. Gates – not to mention he repeated that he wasn’t there – but felt the officers could have moved on once they determined it was not a robbery in progress.

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 Understanding that Gates was pissed, I bet the officer was as well. Sgt. James Crowley, the arresting police officer wasn’t letting Gates off easy.  It was his power play once he discovered who Gates was, and neither wanted to lose face.  Crowley defends his actions, and I’ll defend Gates and the president.   

This story was national news before Obama spoke out because the arrest of Gates was unnecessary and seemed a bit harsh under the circumstances. Now all of a sudden the Cambridge Police are the victims? 

 I know race is always a touchy topic, but why can’t we discuss it?  Is Obama going to have to pretend racism doesn’t exist and avoid any mention of the plight of African Americans and Latinos when race relations are up for discussion?

Obama is a constitutional lawyer, the first Black to head the Harvard Law Review and the first African-American president, and he acknowledged the progress that has been made in race relations over the years.  But if anything comes of this incident, I hope both Blacks and Whites will understand – the discussion is still front page because feelings about race are still raw emotions in this country.

 I’m not sure if having a Black president will help heal the wounds or scar those who see the “good old days” slipping away.

Full Video Coverage: Watch President Obama’s Entire Speech

More on the Story: Cop Says He Won’t Apologize for Gates’ Arrest

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DUDLEY WILLIAMS said on July 23rd, 2009


Dana Johnson said on July 23rd, 2009

I agree with President Obama, the Police acted stupidly. Many Police forces have been acting stupidly for many years and its sad that it takes the President of the United States to step in. I’m so thankful to President Obama. Racism is a very touchy subject but it is very much alive in this country and I feel it sould be discussed.

MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH said on July 23rd, 2009


lamont debro said on July 23rd, 2009

This even doesn’t surprise me. After all this is still america. Racism is as american as appli pie. just b/c their is a black president why should people think anything is different,

Malissa Walker said on July 23rd, 2009

All over America we as people especially people of color are dealing with profiling. It is ashame that people can’t respect people for being human beings before anything else. Why is it that these police offices have jobs after they carry on with such behavior. Everything has always been justified for them. What about those that they hurt or offend? How do you think they are feeling right now? An anyone has the right to comment on what they see go on in America we do have the right to Freedom of Speech no matter who we are. It shouldn’t matter if you are President of the United States or just a middle class citizen. We have that right to speak how we feel. And I say to all American no matter what color you are don’t let people treat you any kind of way cause we are all people of integrity.

David said on July 23rd, 2009

A neighbor called the police about a possbile intruder into there neighbors house . The right thing to do! The police respond. The right thing to do! The police find a person in the house and Mr Gates identifieds his self. The right thing to do ! But Mr Gates was being Tumultuous! . Wrong thing to be doing! He is responsible for his behavior ! But to get the attention off of his behavior ! You people like to try to bic!h and blame other people for it! You don’t thing that your behavior contributes to issues! But it’s easy to try to blame racial issues for everything ? Agian to get the attention off of the persons behavior .

john said on July 23rd, 2009


valeria morrison said on July 23rd, 2009

I am so proud of President Obama for speaking boldly about the treatment of african american by police over the years. In my opinion what makes it so important is that our president does not have ablind eye when it comes to race relations in this country.IF ANYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO GIVE THEIR OPINION ABOUT THIS TOUCHY TOPIC,IT SHOULD BE THE MOST POWREFUL MAN IN OUR COUNTRY.THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR BEING THE STRONG,INTELLIGENT PERSON THAT YOU ARE AND ALWAYS GIVE YOUR OPINION NO MATTER WHAT OTHER MIGHT SAY.

Vanessa Duncan said on July 23rd, 2009

This is just so not happening. The man had alright to be rude angry and upset. From he showed his ID, the police should have changed the chain of command. Professor Gates dose not even fit the profile of a robber Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!. That police officer should apologizes, but like all racist he is a coward, not brave like some people. The mere fact that this officer refused to apologize to this well distinguished Professor is just another insult to the injury of his own action. Well the Men always stood apart from the spoilt little white boys. When you’re wrong you are just wrong, even if you are a Red Neck

lulu drews said on July 23rd, 2009

i wouldn’t did the smae thing or more if i was the president. i am a fourteen year old african american female, and in january i had to defend president obama every single day. i know it was because they didn’t like the fact that blacks was voting for blacks. he is a african american who can actually help fix america. i know one thing. i may not be that old, but this country is messed up. i liked it when we where in the 40’s. without the racism.

Comegetsome said on July 24th, 2009

Dam right racism is alive and well in the black community. Prejudice is also. This is a perfect example of it. Everyone uses this to jump on Whitey and the police! What would you all think about if the president Bush had said that the Chris Brown incident of beating Rihanna was a prime example of how black men beat their women and that the women always take it just like Rihanna did? Did any of you read the police report? Gates is a race baitin’ racist himself.

B. Smith said on July 24th, 2009

Thank God he was a professor because,two things could have happened. The resident could have been hurt by the police, or we would not be having this conversation if he was a average black man.
What if he was an average “Black American” man in a suburban white neighborhood? Racial profiling happens everyday. It happened to me. Who was I was going to cry to? You can teach a class on a way of life or how people FEEL about someone or a race. The big picture is that, if it could happen to him, it could happen to any young or elder black male.

r cofield said on July 24th, 2009

it hurts me that this type of situation has come about and we are surprised. this happens not just yesterday or the day before that, but rather everyday across america…blacks and especially black men experience unruly conduct by police officers. this is not a phenomena…we are constantly judged and looked at in ways other than who we are. who would not know professor gates and his accomplishments…and all it took for the bus boycott was rosa; she was the right person…now is gates the right person to stand up for? he, the President, himself said how difficult the situation is..stand up for equality…we ain’t there yet…

Gerald B. Maurer said on July 24th, 2009

Can there ever be an instance in American law enforcement where a Caucasion police officer charges a Black individual with a violation of the law and it is NOT racial profiling? To some in American, every Black man or woman who is arrested is somehow a victim of police discrimination. I (I’m a whitemale) know that everyday thousands of white Americans break the law and are appropriately charged for offenses by both Caucasion and Black law enforecment officials! Like wise, is it not true that thousands of Blacks also break the law and are rightly charged? Or should we believe that Blacks in America NEVER break the law and never deserve to be arrested, Please!

jada said on July 24th, 2009

As a person of color myself I feel the President insulted all officer across the country. I think the president shouldn’t have let his emotion catch up with him. Even if this police officer was wrong, the only thing the president could have done to stay out of this issue . Instead of calling the police officer action stupid because It may back fire his leadership role in the Country. Especially in the law enforcement.

Jonathan said on July 24th, 2009

See it’s comments by people like Gerald B. Mauer (above) that makes people of Color roll their eyes. He overly dramatized and simplified the problem by using words like “Can there EVER be an instance”, “Every Black man or woman who is arrested is somehow a victim of police discrimination”. Simply put Mr. Mauer, it is a statistical fact that Blacks and Latinos are pulled over, detained and arrested(for the same crimes commited by whites) at a dispoportionately high rate!

Bob said on July 24th, 2009

Obama demonstrated his dislike and distrust of law enforcement while he was campaining for office. Need proof? Ask the local agencies that were assigned to protect him. He certainly does not have the expertise to judge a veteran Police Sergeant who is trained in racial profiling. It is apparent that Gates has no respect or literacy for Law Enforcement, either. If he did, he would have simply presented his ID, stayed quiet until Sgt. Crowley realized he was the homeowner, then thanked him for coming to his aid. Instead, Gates wants to make a slur concerning Sgt. Crowley’s mother? That in itself probably made the good Sergeant mad. Lastly. in the pictures that I have seen of Gates being brought through a door handcuffed, who is the Black Police Sgt. in the foreground and what role in all of this did he play? Or did he, as the picture depicts, just turn his back on the whole thing?

Don said on July 24th, 2009

When the Cambridge Police drop the charges against Professor Gates, what do you think they said. My guest is that they are sorry or there been a mistake. The Cambridge sergeant was highly trained to defuse these type of situation not to expand it. The questions that the Cambridge Sergeant has to answer is 1. When Prof. Gates open the door to his house did he run? The answer is no. 2. Was Prof. Gates a threat to himself or you? The answer is no. 3. Was the tip of a bugler breaking into Prof. Gates house good? The answer is no. You see a defense attorney will have a field day with this case.

JUN said on July 24th, 2009

I dont even think the police had any business at Mr. Gates residence. If this had been a REAL Break in, they would have taken 90 minutes to get there, but no, just because it was not a real break in, they show up on time, and then try to harass the man. He had just gotten back from a long trip I think it was to England or something. Now also, Mr. Gates did not call the police to his home either. It was probably a white neighbor or someone who wanted to erase Mr. Gates squeaky clean image. He has not had a history of domestic violence at the home so some of his COOKY neighbors had to try to do something to get him caught in the crossfire of a scandal. I think it is an outside job being done to get Mr. Gates to relocate to another area. The man is a professor. He doesn’t have time to be investigated by the police for such nonsense. They should have backed off when he said, There is nothin here for you to see. Leave Now. and they didn’t obey, so he acted accordingly. The police don’t run all the plays, but they do ruin them tho or try their best to ruin them.

rednblack said on July 24th, 2009

None of this would have happened if Gates had been cooperative ,and showed him his ID at the officers first request. The facts are starting to come forward as eye witnesses are reporting that Gates escalated this incident way out of proportion. I agree the charges should have been dropped as with the whole matter.
However, it was very unfortunate our President unfairly labeled the officer without knowing all the facts!

LaLa said on July 24th, 2009

I agree with President Obama, he was right on point. The media is disgusting how they are trying to now make Obama’s comment seem bad. Even President Obama has experience racial profiling in his lifetime, and most people of color. Thank you President Obama for standing up and no matter what you say it will never be good enough for everybody.

Denise, BARBADOS said on July 24th, 2009

As a Caribbean person, long-acquainted with the raw, day-by-day TRUTHS of post-colonial living, whereby we know (and show) the whites exactly how we feel about them, and they do exactly the same to us….America’s sad-comic struggle with RACISM always strikes me as odd.

Take, as a perfect example of WHITE-SELECTIVITY OF “SEEING” RACISM, this TYPICALLY-AMERICAN juxtapositioning of News:-

On CNN’s website, we read about SARAH PALIN possibly losing popular support with WHITE CONSERVATIVES. This leads me to ask: is the “SEEING” and “NOTING” of RACE supposed ONLY to be “okay” when it is done by Whites in America? In short: Why is supposed to be “okay” for WHITES to speak here of BLATANT RACIST-PERSPECTIVES, just because it is a WHITE AMERICAN speaking of (…and maybe even To..!) WHITE-AMERICANS?!?

The evidence is starkly clear, that just such an assumption is – and always has been, faithfully observed IN THE BREACH by Americans – and White Americans, particularly, while their MOUTHS (…ONLY…) continue to fulminate to the contrary. Who do they think is being FOOLED, here?!!?

If I was ever in any doubt about my own perspective in this matter, said viewpoint got to be concretized upon seeing what I was privileged to hear and see, with my own Caribbean ears and eyes just this week. This SIGHT was the – no doubt unguarded – response of an American News Reporter ,virtually bristling with indignation, as he asked – nay demanded of his guest, whether “President Obama should have mentioned the (Gates) matter at all.” Having heard that statement – and witnessed the pellucidly irked manner in which it was said, I am left with little doubt that “SEEING” Race is supposed to be a WHITE PREROGRATIVE in America. That namely, White Americans consider that they – ALONE – should, or indeed somehow “get to” speak about the nature of the VERY RACISM WHICH THEY, AS WHITE AMERICANS, WOULD HAVE CREATED – TO BENEFIT THEIR WHITE AMERICAN SELVES – IN THE VERY…FIRST…PLACE.

From where I stand, and have ALWAYS viewed America: this country is as much an APARTHEID STATE as SOUTH AFRICA was/is. The ONLY DIFFERENCE is that the South Afrkaan Boers were MORE HONEST than the Yanks, which latter still want to be viewed globally as the “NATURAL LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD…’ even while they HOLD SLAVERY IN ITS TIGHTLY…EVEN LOVINGLY CLENCHED-EMBRACE CLOSSE TO THEIR CHEST.

News Flash, Yanks: THE WORLD can see every IOTA of the RACISM that – through either your RAGE or your CALLOUSNESS, inexorably LEAKS OUT INTO PUBLIC, GLOBAL VIEW.

Kathy said on July 24th, 2009

I felt the President’s words were well chosen an appropriate when he said the police force in this case had acted stupidly. The only thing I felt that Mr. Crowley truthfully said is that he didn’t know who Prof. Gates was..

The policeman’s skepticism was typical, especially since Professor Gates showed him his driver’s license; showing who he was and the policeman still refused to believe him… Tension would escalate in such a situation.

Blacks have always been the victims of racial discrimination when it comes to racial profiling… We know locally people who have faced the same thing.
One of the larger cases in recent memory was the case in New York where the black gentleman who was shot 40 times with no weapon trying to enter his place of residence died and the New York cops in the case were acquitted…

The unfortunate incident which happened to Professor Gates was unwarranted. More racial sensitivity training needs to occur with police departments in handling incidents of this sort. It has also re-ignited the discussion of racial profiling which exists…

I salute Pres. Obama who is an effective, objective, and brilliant leader who has properly weighed in on an issue which affects us all.

Dorian davidson said on July 24th, 2009

Y for what reasion did a white cop come into a black mans home and do that. thats why white people get killed in the movies all the time now what. but raceism is every where in movies videos tv and every where els i bet u always wounder y the black dud always dies first

mighty whitey said on July 24th, 2009

I love it. Incidents like these help white America wake up to the negro problem in this country. Whites are getting sick of your bullsh*t and the tide is quickly turning. Keep pushing and see where it leads.

Newshound said on July 24th, 2009

First off: I believe our President could have not used the stupid comment not saying he should not have made a comment.
Unless he knows, something that is not being said about the incident should have not said anything. After all he is the President America of which Crowley and Gates are citizens of . I am willing to bet that Crowley attitude was that of a typical cop and that is what ticked off Gates, How do you explain a 5ft 7 157 lb age 50 plus man responding like this. Then why was Crowley trying to bait him outside (was that being professional )? He knew what he was doing. He could have left after Gates proved that he lived there. Again the cops attitude comes into question.

lindsey said on July 24th, 2009

i was arrested in wildwood n.j. when i was 24,white and sleeping in a winnebago on private property.the white policemen handcuffed me,threw me in the policecar.iwas in my nightgown and white boyfriend was treated the same way.then they searched my handbag and found one roach.i was booked and spent 7 hours in cell.the fine was $700.00.i never once got loud or screamed “your mama”.i have never visited wildwood again and did NOT call the ACLU for having my civil rights violated.

minni said on July 24th, 2009

Yeah of course there is racism out in society. But this was already evident before the Gates arrest. New flash racism is not going anywhere for a long time. Not because we have a black president and slavery is gone. I think its starts with minorities first of all. Why is there black on black crime, poverty and education disparities in black and latino communities. The key to solving those answers is relevant in solving racism. Racism may never leave society, but people have to talk about these issues. If society does not talk about the racial issues there will be no solutions.

Denise, BARBADOS said on July 24th, 2009

Lindsey said she did not call ACLU to report her Civil Rights being abused, on the ONE occasion that she, as an admittedly WHITE WOMAN, was arrested and manhandled by policemen.

Dear Lindsey! What do you expect – congratulations? Follow me closely with this analogy: if I, as a well-fed Westerner were told – on ONE occasion, that I would not be able to have something to EAT, do you think I would say, do or report ANYTHING to ANYONE about the matter?

However, play out this SAME scenario in your Mind, with FAMINE VICTIMS IN AFRICA, and see what a Difference a PERPETUAL PROBLEM makes!



perry said on July 24th, 2009

I feel the majority of society is afraid to talk about race. Mostly because of the history of slavery, and racial discrimination. A bad history of discrimination against blacks, latinos and indians. If the larger majority of society stops being afraid to talk, relations might get better.

Junebue said on July 24th, 2009

Racism is an amazing thing, even if it’s black on white racism. If any of you would have researched and read the police report filed by Sergeant Crowley and other officers, you would have seen a few things:

1. This was not profiling you over reactors (I want to use the term idiots, but that’s too mean and I shouldn’t resort to name calling), Crowley was responding to a call from a neighbor who called the police to report a break-in. To be profiled you have to be stopped, questioned, or pulled over due to your race, this was CLEARLY not the case.
2. Gates initially refused to even give Crowley his name – claiming he was being harassed, even though Crowley repeatedly told Gates why he was there.
3. Gates did not give a drivers license as ID, he gave a Harvard Professors ID.
4. Gates yelled at Crowley immediately when he came in the door making Crowley defensive from the start.
5. Gates told Crowley he “will pay, you don’t know who you’re messing with.”
6. Crowley repeatedly told the professor why he was there, but Gates continued to yell and scream at him.
7. Witnesses (both neighbors and non-white cops) confirmed that Gates was acting erratically and screaming at Crowley.

Knowing these facts might change your mind, but probably not. Most of you hear “White cop” and immediately think racist. Crowley is obviously a supporter of President Obama, and even though Obama threw him under the bus, Crowley did not do the same to Obama. In the end, President Obama is treating Crowley as just another racist police officer, even though Crowley most-likely helped him become the first black president in the U.S. Amazing!

ScottyF said on July 24th, 2009

I must second what Minni said. I am a white man with a beautiful mixed race family. I just pulled this from the FBI stats; According to the FBI, 7,316 African-Americans were murdered in the U.S. in 2007. White murders totaled 6,948. By and large, victims and offenders shared the same race. I’m not worried that my child might be profiled, I’m worried she might never come home. I don’t know what happened in the Gates’ residence, but I do know what happened in America in 2007.

Trev said on July 24th, 2009

After reading the last comment and all the other comments, I find myself laughing out loud. This is the President of the United States, he can say whatever he choose just like all of us can. Hello, did everyone forget about the freedom of speech, it also applies to President Obama. All of you people speaking negative about what he said are exercising your right to your opinon so why can’t he. For the person that states Crowley most likely helped him become president. How do you know who that man voted for, please believe he won by more than one vote and he won because he was the best man running for the job not because he was black, oh and did you forget that his mom is white..Wake up people…besides was anyone on this site their to see what transpired…right …so WTF…

Mia P said on July 24th, 2009

To all the cops that had to say get all the facts together he might have not have all the facts but most of you all do take your power a little too far and thing you all are above the law and do make mistake and when you all are wrong will not say you are but know you are, so stop disrespecting the President of the United States of American because that is so Anti American andwe don’t want that. and next time when you see a Black Man stop thinking they are all thugs and up to no good because if you all have a better understanding with people maybe they would respect you all a little more. And I have a half brother that is a cop and I have seen him in action and I think he is above the law sometime and I have told him that he need to change his way too, because I don’t want to see anything happen to him or noone else, just let’s respect each other it goes both ways.

chitown said on July 24th, 2009

I hope soon that facts will be known this appears to blown way out of proportion. This is all I know, if the police would have shown up at my house because of a call of a break-in and I just happen to be there and she asked for i.d. I would have kindly did that and glad they responded. Lets face it folks some people get broken in on someone heard or seen something and never even bothered to call the police. My uncle was a police officer for years and the poor man experienced so much, name calling, spit on, bitten, rocks thrown, being called stupid, stupidly was not necessary in the President speech. I agree with rednblack, this could have been avoided.

billebob said on July 24th, 2009

How would have professor Gates felt if someone was breaking into his house, refused to indentify himself and was told by police to have a nice day. He would probaly claimed the police were racist because they allowed his home to be broken into. As a Harvard Professor Gates should have acted in a more professional manor, he was not profiled the officers were answering a call and seeking to possibly protect his property. See how they respond now if a real emergency happens. The officer once indentifying Gates as the homeowner could have acted more professional and left Gates to his own public loud mouth embaressment and not arrested him> Sticks and Stones as the saying goes. Finally President Obama should have with held judgement until he knew the facts.

Khrish said on July 24th, 2009

Thank you for your article. I am in total agreement with you. this became a power struggle for the police and he had to show who was in charge. I’ve had it happen to me. The say that the President didn’t know all the facts; but most men of color could write the scrip to the entire incident. Thanks again for your article.

Bama said on July 24th, 2009

When a neighbor sees another neighbor’s home getting broken into they should called the police. From what I have read Gates does not sound like a Professor of high quality, yelling and talking about someone’s mother does not show class from a Havard Professor. Obama should have said no comment until he had the facts, but he choose to distract us from his healthcare con that had no details as usual because he does not know the details of his own plan for us. I think he sometimes forgets that he is the chief law enforcement officer for the US, and calling policemen stupid without the facts is stupid.

N2purpose said on July 24th, 2009

Only reason this ish continues to happen is because we allow it! It happens so much that it’s be come a way of our life. Our young kings & queens have to be taught how to act and keep their cool when massa police officer pulls them over! Our generation is a bunch of punks, the generation in the 60’s under Dr. King was willing to DIE for the right to be treated equal! They didn’t just march 1 day for injustice, they marched UNTIL the problem was rectified, even if that meant going to jail! But we have this me, myself & I mentality forgetting that where there is unity – there is strength. Police don’t even get fired or reprimanded for all of this racial profiling!

We ALL know that to a Black man, his home is his castle and NOBODY just comes up in his house with some bs, he’s going to go OFF on you – period! President Obama spoke from his heart and they can’t handle it and I’m SO PROUD that he didn’t apologize for saying that acted, stupidly!

Hopefully, Professor Gates will go to the limits to make sure justice prevails and I’ll be right there supporting him in whatever way possible. I sent him a documentary years ago about our history and he took the time to write me a letter and thank me and told me it was very powerful! President Obama & Professor Gates – if God be for you, He’s more then the whole world against you!

sor05ga said on July 24th, 2009

Who are these witnesses who support the statement of the arresting officer? Are they other police officers? Police officers have been known to lie to protect their own, a perfect example is the shooting of the 92-year-old black woman in Atlanta, Georgia. It was revealed that the cops made false statements to cover their behinds and misinformation.

If you have never had such an experience with the police, then you will never understand. President Obama does not need to apologize. He expressed his opinion. Are the police so untouchable that you cannot disagree with their actions without the fear of being arrested. I’ve seen misconduct my local police officers. Racial profiling exists and it needs to stop.

Racism still exists in the United States of America. Even though President Obama was elected, some people will never respect or accept him as the commander and chief of this country. This country is in a terrible mess; yet, he is being opposed at every turn. I still believe in him and pray every day that God continues to watch over him and his family. After all, he can do no worse than past presidents. He did not create this mess, but he has to clean up the mess.

I think this whole Gates situation is necessary and should be addressed. Just because white America doesn’t believe racism exists, does not make it so. It exists and will continue to exist until we learn that everyone in the United States of American has a right to freedom of speech and a right to be treated as human beings.

The Facts said on July 24th, 2009

After reading comments here, and playing Obama: Pam and you guys gotta be some of the more stupid posters ever, and Obama is the stupidest person ever for making such a dumb comment on something he claims not to have all the facts. I expect this from posters and writers for b.e.t., but the most powerful man in the world…what the heck. There has many times inwhich he has said I dont know all the details/facts, so I will not not comment…next question. His needs to apologize (like many here ask bush to do EVERYDAY) to the police, and the American people for lying prior to the election and driving this country further in the ground than where bush, and dems who took over congress in 2006 left it.

What a dumb, big ear, black lips, shallow thinking President we have. ps: this is said for posters & Pam’s free speech bs……a bunch of crock

The Facts said on July 24th, 2009

and the President had the nerve to talk about his judgment, and leadership…..please. This guy is the most arrogant, self absored, anti-growth in america person I have ever witnessed on the big stage…..I apologize to President Carter for calling him the worst of my time.

Domino13 said on July 24th, 2009

Race has never been addressed because we never had a black president..There was never a president who could voice there opinion on it because there was never a president who has walked in our shoes..It’s very frustrating to see the media try and make Obama look like a fool every chance they get but, embraced an incompetent president for eight years and always tried to justify Bush actions even when the facts were put on the table… That alone shows that race still exists in America.. He tried his best to give his opinion and I think he did a great job period. The POTUS will never be able to say anything without it being sent to a lab and looked under a microscope..If you listen to the whole press you will see that he was making an honest opinion and let it be known that he may be a lil bias on it and he didn’t know all the facts,, but if you look at the media and how they edit the sound bite to only repeat the part when the POTUS states the officer acted stupidly.. IN WHICH HE DID !!! in my opinion. He never said the cop was stupid.. HIS ACTIONS WAS.. anyway I’ve come to realize racism is alive and well and has gotten worse since Obama was elected POTUS.. it’s coming back like a lethal virus…

rednblack said on July 24th, 2009

Looks like the facts coming out show that the white cop was not racist ,followed the protocal of his job and Gates is the one who escalated this incident and he was the provocatir. President Obama is looking very foolish at this moment and needs to backpedal real quickly because this is getting ugly for him.

TrinidadJ said on July 24th, 2009

“I’ll talk to your mama outside.”……LMAO!!! Really! This from a well educated black man..Kind of sad. He should have handled the situation professionally like the officer did. His Tantrums made him look bad.

I don’t think most white people don’t do mama jokes. He was truely trying to piss off the officer and succeeded.

The officers responded correctly. But i do think they probably gave him a hard time because he through a tantrum about being black.

I agree with Obama that He “…may be a little BAISED” and ‘…Don’t know all the facts”. Is that new for Obama? I think not … look at the healthcare reform plan the Gov’t is trying to cram down our throuts.

Most AMERICANS have healthcare insurance, only about 12-15 millions are not insured. Some do not think they need it and choose not to get it. Why overhaul the entire system for those few that don’t have it? Furthermore, the gov’t were including the 10- 12 million illegal immigrants that are currently in the U.S.

“This isn’t about me. I have great health insurance, and so does every member of Congress.” EXACTLY!! Congress should be required to be on the same plan as they are proposing for all of us! I bet they would change there minds it that was the case.

Keith J said on July 24th, 2009

I would rank this black man ‘Mr. Gates’ as one of the most esteemed and intelligent black men in the country. Do you know what that means? Your best and brightest are …. ya know!

Sylvia said on July 25th, 2009

This is a sad day. Our first black president has been emasculated because he dared to give his opinion on a terrible incident in which his friend, Professor Gates, was humiliated, insulted, and victimized by police misjudgement. The victim was pushed aside and the media focused on the President’s comments. After a ridiculous level of pressure was applied by the social networkers and media, the President waffled on his moment of truth as a black man, and now he just looks a lot less like a Leader Of the Free World. He doesn’t even have the freedom to have an opinion much less lead this country.

Kambuib said on July 25th, 2009

I think the media, focused on Obama more then the situation at hand. Which is Black in power can get harrassed no matter who they are.

RED NECK HUNTER said on July 25th, 2009


fred said on July 25th, 2009

The crux of the issue: “…if I was a white person…”

“he demanded that I step out on the porch, and I don’t think he would have done that if I was a white person. But at that point, I realized that I was in danger. And so I said to him that I want your name, and I want your badge number and I said it repeatedly. … The police report says I was engaged in loud and tumultuous behavior.”

Professor Gates at this point had one and only one goal in mind: the promotion of the idea which he has a personal stake in, that being racial profiling. Nothing else mattered, he was going to get his racial profiling agenda in the headlines, period. Well Professor, you accomplished your self-serving goal and I hope that you are exceedingly proud of yourself.

And as for Barack Obama, you need to keep in mind the status of your position as President of the United States of America. All of America, not sterotypical portions of America, all of America.

You in fact cannot say what ever strikes your fancy at the moment. Words have consequences. The words uttered by the President of the USA have considerable consequences. Words and actions of esteemed Harvard Professors have considerable consequence.

With such positions of influence and respect comes the burden of responsible public behavior. Both of you, in this regard have failed in a significant manner.

To Wit:

Sgt. Crowley has received strong public support from numerous police officers, including African-Americans, who have spoken up on Crowley’s behalf and portrayed him as a good and fair officer.

Crowley also noted his actions trying to resuscitate Reggie Lewis while working as a campus police officer at Brandeis University in 1993.

Sgt. James Crowley, the arresting officer, stated that he is not racist, having been chosen by a black police commissioner[14] to serve as an instructor for the Lowell Police Academy since 2004, teaching a course entitled “Racial Profiling”.

A number of people responded to Obama’s comments. James Preston, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Florida State Lodge, stated: “To make such an off-handed comment about a subject without benefit of the facts, in such a public forum, hurts police/community relations and is a setback to all of the years of progress”. Preston further warned that “by reducing all contact between law enforcement and the public to the color of their skin or ethnicity is, in fact, counterproductive to improving relationships”

It’s waaaaayyyyyy past time for you people to just get over yourselves and join the rest of sane America in trying to rebuild this country for the future and not dewll on agenda filled living in the mistakes of bigots…on both sides.

fred said on July 25th, 2009

“Hours earlier, a multiracial group of police officers had stood with Crowley in Massachusetts and called on Obama to say he’s sorry.”

About time for you people to get on the right side of this one.

And do not think for a moment that the republicans aren’t salivation over this. You can rest assured that they are already scripting their sound bites and their political ads for all levels of election campaigning.

A deep deep pile of du du has been dropped on the Obama presidency and unfortunately the majority of that pile belongs to Barack himself.

The Facts said on July 25th, 2009

This issue is 3 tier: 1. The issue of Blacks being profile (there can be a discussion about this) 2. He said, he said (the issue of the officer and Gates which is STILL being investigated, NO one knows all the facts yet) 3. This is what esculated a simple local issue to the national level, Obama saying the officer acted stupidly without having the facts. He was stupid for saying this stupid crap and I expect more from the most powerful man in the world. #1 can be discussed, but each case is a seperate issue and must stand on its own. #2 is being investigated and bothsides will have a chance to make their case, then one can decide on what the truth is, etc. #3 is where the focus should be since Obama opened his fat mouth without know the facts. The problem is folks here mentally focus on #1, somewhat #2 which TOTALLY smothers #3 and forces the focus to make them all into a #4, which is a true deservice to a real dialouge on #1, and allowing #2 to unfold. THe focus today should be on Obama dumb comments without knowledge, and the fact he is inviting the 2 to the white house…how the heck will this help #1 or #2 which are legit discussions to have. This guy is a joke. If he was serious about this, he would NEVER inflame the issue with a STUPID comment, then he would focus on an open dialouge with folks from various entities.

jill said on July 25th, 2009

I want to see what happens when all the details of the arrest are released.

fred said on July 25th, 2009

“I want to see what happens when all the details of the arrest are released.”

Perhaps you could explain exactly what this bold statement means. I mean, the possibilities are NOT unlimited.
Either the professor behaved in a manner that warranted his arrest or he did not. Either the cops acted in a reasonable manner or they did not.

At this point in time there is ZERO information that indicates that the cops did a single thing wrong. There is a small mountain of evidence and comment from those in the know that indicates that sgt. crowley is an upstanding officer of the law, well versed in the pit falls of racial profiling. Sgt. Crowley, by all accounts is well respected by his fellow cops, both black and white.

Your Professor Gates on the other hand certainly indicated his agenda and willingness to cooperate in a reasonable manner the instant that he opened his mouth: “I don’t think he would have done that if I was a white person.”

Things quickly wend down hill from that point forward.

Your professor needs to apologize to Sgt. Crowley, the Cambridge Police force and to President Obama.

President Obama needs to apologize to Sgt. Crowley, the Cambridge police force and the American people…..who deserve better from their president.

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton need to keep their mouths shut, for once in their self-promoting divisive lives.

fred said on July 25th, 2009

A little bit of a change in tone I do detect:

“n a statement posted Friday on The Root, a Web site Gates oversees, the scholar said he told Obama he’d be happy to meet with Crowley, whom Gates had accused of racial profiling.

“I told the president that my principal regret was that all of the attention paid to his deeply supportive remarks during his press conference had distracted attention from his health care initiative,” Gates said. “I am pleased that he, too, is eager to use my experience as a teaching moment, and if meeting Sgt. Crowley for a beer with the President will further that end, then I would be happy to oblige.”

It was a marked change in tone for Gates, 58, who in the days following his arrest gathered up his legal team and said he was contemplating a lawsuit. He even vowed to make a documentary on his arrest to tie into a larger project about racial profiling.

In an e-mail to the Boston Globe late Friday, he said: “It is time for all of us to move on, and to assess what we can learn from this experience.”

Imagine that.

Too bad that it will not be quite so simple to unwind the political fallout from the republicans who are most certain to be preparing the sound bites at this very moment.

Barack Obama has GOT to learn to not be so thin skinned and so easily sucked into these hyper sensitive and divisive issues until HE understands what has transpired and then give a well reasoned and balanced statement.

Those like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are more than willing to sacrifice Barack Obama if they think that it will further their self-promoting, self-serving and divisive agenda.

Barack, wake up!!

Clybourn said on July 26th, 2009

The POTUS is doing a great job. he misspoke as a POTUS,but he’s right. Blacks are not given the benefit doubt the law. This started during the lawless Area of Jim Crow. Blacks are guilty until jailed.

Clybourn said on July 26th, 2009

Institutionalized racism is a dagger in the hearts of black Americans. It’s a daily does of inhumane treatment

Mr. T said on July 26th, 2009

“For just a little while I REALLY wish all white people could be black, and deal with the foolishness we deal with on a DAILY basis. Then they would really come to undertsand that their ignorant, small minds are holding them back.”
I REALLY wish all the minorities that claim constant racism, could be white for just a little while. They would come to see that the world is not fair, no matter your color. They would see that you will be stopped by the police for speeding, no matter your color. They would see that you’re responsible for your actions, no matter your color. There was a black cop present during the entire episode, and he said that the arresting Officer was correct in what he did 100%. Is he an ‘Uncle Tom’?
Has there even been a case where someone who was black was arrested by a white cop, really deserved to be arrested? I think not, and we will continue to be a country that judges our fellow man, not by his actions, but by the amount of pigment in his skin. Racism is very prominent, unfortunately is it is alive and well in the black community.

crime victim said on July 26th, 2009

Dr. Gates over the period of a lifetime is many more times likely to be a victim of Black on Black crime than racist police crime. There are worse ways to suffer than having to peacefully show your ID to a officer who is answering a 911 call and looking out for the welfare of your property. I like the Presidents offer to meet with both parties to seek a peaceful conclusion to this incident. Hopefully he sent a message to Rev Wright not to fan the flames this Sunday. May God bless President Obama and both parties involved and may we work to all get along as one. Listen to the Black Eyed Peas song “One Tribe”

buy arcoxia said on July 26th, 2009
fred said on July 26th, 2009

“The POTUS is doing a great job. he misspoke as a POTUS,but he’s right. Blacks are not given the benefit doubt the law. This started during the lawless Area of Jim Crow. Blacks are guilty until jailed.”

I’d really like to know what that statement has to do with the issue under discussion?

kurt said on July 26th, 2009

Racism is still rampant. Surprise surprise!!

RhoKels said on July 26th, 2009

The reporters knew what they were doing. The POTUS shouldn’t have used the word stupidly but he did, get over it.. because it was stupid to arrest someone after proof of residence was established.

fred said on July 27th, 2009

“The reporters knew what they were doing. The POTUS shouldn’t have used the word stupidly but he did, get over it.. because it was stupid to arrest someone after proof of residence was established.”

I’m relatively certain that your Professor Gates was not arrested for failing to prove residence.

I could be wrong on that point but I seriously doubt it..

Professor Gates stupidly played the race card and got bit in the ass for it.


The damage that he has done to President Obama and race relations in this country is immesurable.

The republicans are loving this, I hope that Professor Gates having his personal self-serving, self-important agenda fed proves to have been worth it.

Excuse making on his and President Obama’s behalf only makes things worse.

Don’t be stupid. Wise hard working black folk ought to turn their collective backs on the likes of Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They won’t but they should. Move forward and do not live in the past.

“….after proof of residence was…”, nice try but no ceeegggaaarrr.

Mz Nicety said on July 27th, 2009

Just my opinion: Whatever Pres. Obama does is going to be treated harsher than any other president. That is to influence Black people–to drive them away from him. Too bad. Just fact: He is a human being not God. I still stand behind my vote 100%. If you’re rich or poor, live in the ghetto or the Hamptons(?), if you are Black there is a chance you will be harassed just because you’re Black.

jmtsresfb said on July 27th, 2009

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fred said on July 27th, 2009

“if you are Black there is a chance you will be harassed just because you’re Black.”

And exactly how does that earth shattering observation apply to the interaction between Professor Gates and police officer Crowley and his associates?

fred said on July 27th, 2009

“The reporters knew what they were doing.”

I’m sure that they did. Would you mind terribly, explaining what it was to the rest of us?

jerm said on July 27th, 2009

lets be serious, police in this country have no trouble overreacting and in fact antagonizing situations while dealing w/minorities. From an outsiders POV, someone who wasn’t there, it seems to me both people involved were wrong. Having came back from vacation and having to “break in”to your own home when you’re tired, I’d be a little annoyed myself, and then police coming and behaving as if they don’t know what you’re doing…

I mean its obvious, the arrest was overdoing it. Yes he may have gotten loud and handled it wrong, but the officer could have just wrote a steep ticket or something for disorderly conduct or w/e you kno??? The officer when you read his background, doesn’t sound racist or like one of those Training Day/Dirty cops, but still got overzealous I feel.

And I don’t fault Obama for having to do what he has to do, I understand him wanting to speak up, and at the same time he’s in an awkward solution due to his place. Obviously, he probably doesn’t have the support from mostly Conservative law enforcement and their supporters…

sara said on July 27th, 2009

The proof is in the pudding that racial profiling exists. It has been happening long before this Gates incident.

reggie said on July 27th, 2009

Race issues are not going away anytime soon.

buy bactrim said on July 27th, 2009
pres1 said on July 27th, 2009

Once again , yes profiling was used , but not RACIAL profiling. Look , EVERYBODY profiles EVERYBODY. Just like dogs sniff other dogs butts. It’s how we assess situations that we enter into. Wheather it’s in church , the doctors office or the local bar. We look around at those who are around us and we make a judgement about the situation and the other people that are there. You would be a pretty lame person to NOT do this , or dumb as hell.
The 911 caller said they didn’t even mention race so how could the police go in with a premeditated idea about the situation ??? The police responded to a call abot a home being broken into. The police found 2 people that were not identifiying themselves. The house had been burgled before. People calling this racist are the real racists. Get over yourselves people. Some of you would whine about how a white BLIND person looks at you , and if they are blind , they can’t even see you. Maybe the white race is tired of paying dues for what their GREAT GREAT GREAT grandfathers did and maybe blacks in this day and age are expecting to be re-imbursed for something they never went through. Ever wonder who built Rome ?? It was WHITE SLAVES from the mediterainian area.. Why don’t I ever see those people crying racism ?/ Because THEY GOT OVER IT ! Sheesh

pres1 said on July 27th, 2009

One more thing … if this PROFESSOR was so smart .. why did he lock himself out of his own house ?? Preety much par for the couse when you look at acedemics in this country. Surprised he even knew his own name.

fred said on July 27th, 2009

“when you read his background, doesn’t sound racist or like one of those Training Day/Dirty cops, but still got overzealous I feel.

And I don’t fault Obama for having to do what he has to do, I understand him wanting to speak up, and at the same time he’s in an awkward solution due to his place. Obviously, he probably doesn’t have the support from mostly Conservative law enforcement and their supporters”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. I’m freaking sick to death of the excuse making. What good can possibly come from all of the excuse making?

What it ultimately does is creates an environment where offenders can go to seek comfort and acceptance of their actions. There is no substance there. That cannot possibly be sustained over time. It is the very thing that got President Obama caught up in this controversary in the first place. Feeling that he was required to ‘come to the defense’ of his pal Professor Gates no matter the facts. Professor Gates is far from sainthood. Professor Gates is due no special dispensation. In the eyes of the law he is due the same respect as any other person similarily situated. He has no carte blanche to be belligrent and uncooperative and racist calling just because he is black.

It is about time that those who seek cover behind racist taglines, get a clue. It ain’t working any more, people are not going to be cowtowed over some pathetic fear of being labeled racist or bigotted when they have done nothing to earn such tags.

Earning special favor by using such tactics can lead no where and in fact can lead directly to resentment. I mean, the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of those white firefighters, don’t you people get it?

hugo said on July 27th, 2009

Racial profiling is a engrained part of society that may never go away.

koda said on July 27th, 2009

Racial problems are going to be around unless people of different races and ethnic groups recognize it.

mark said on July 27th, 2009

I hope both sides will be able resolve this issue.

quincy said on July 28th, 2009

I hope this will teach police and citizens how to behave in another situation like this. I don’t think it will stop racial profiling, but it may pose solutions.

rob said on July 28th, 2009

Why is there racial profiling? A Bigger Question. Why is there Black on Black crime in the streets?

Garnet said on July 28th, 2009

Wow, this Professor Gates incident with the white Police Officer has really stirred up white Americans. They are reacting very maliciously to this incident accusing President Obama of starting a firestorm of controversy. Why did the reporter ask him about the incident? To start a controversial firestorm that is why! I wish white folks would come out in full force like this when the story of an African-American was beaten to death by corrupt cops, When that happens it doesnt get as much of a great response!

buy colospa said on July 28th, 2009
fred said on July 28th, 2009

“They are reacting very maliciously to this incident accusing President Obama of starting a firestorm of controversy”

Are they now? I don’t believe that I have seen those accusations. Perhaps you could point them out to us?

Your Professor Gates started the firestorm by turning a routing police call response into a fabricated racial incident.

President Obama for reasons known only to him, merely fanned the flames. That he chose to insert himself and thereby the office of the president of the united states is a fact that he has yet to explain.

Perhaps this experience will cause President Obama to be just a tad more careful next time. I really do hope so.

It would also be nice if his ‘friends’ could learn to behave more responsibly. Unfortunately I do not think that they are capable of the degree of self-control required.

fred said on July 28th, 2009

And this ‘get together over a brewski’

What’s with that? Is Barack trying to be cute? Why not a round of H.O.R.S.E on the white house’s bb court?

Certainly this topic is worthy of a more serious and respectful tone.

Barack ought to be keeping his mouth shut for a change. Facilitate a meeting of the individuals involved and then let THEM decide if issuing some public statement is called for.

That’s it. Enough. Let it go and get on with the really important matters facing this country at this point in history. This contrived ‘racial’ incident has already consumed waaayyyyyyy too much of everyone’s time and energy.

Danisha said on July 28th, 2009

Obama should have stayed out of it. Didn’t he leave that up to Al Sharpton?None of us were there to know what really happened.

fred said on July 28th, 2009

I’m curious. What’s with that crap at the bottom of the postings? Buy this…buy that.


Janice said on July 28th, 2009

When will america come together and stop all racial crap. A country devided can’t stand. We can’t even get reform to pass and dealing with mess. I have a question for all you. If we can’t come together on making this reform to pass, what make you think we can change people way of thinking? Let face the facts that because President Obama is black and made that statement that they made a big issue about the cop act stupidly when he did. The officer should have took a look at the id and apologize for a misunderstanding but no no no he had to abuse his authority and persist on this Professor. I’m making this comment based on the 911 call and statement given by the officer.

Janice said on July 28th, 2009

Officer everywhere are abusing there authority, this have to stop. Mistaking of identy terrible in all states and if you don’t know this you better recognize.

fred said on July 28th, 2009

Barack Obama opened his mouth without waiting for some facts to come out. Mistake #1. Barack called the cops stupid, mistake #2. Barack sided with his friend Professor Gates, mistake #3.

Barack said that he ought to have better “calibrated” his comments, mistake #4.

Barack invited the adversaries over for a beer, mistake #5.

How many chances do you people give someone before you hold them accountable for their actions? How many excuses do you make?

justin said on July 28th, 2009

I think both sides overreacted in this situation. I still don’t believe that this gives the police the right to arrest Gates at his house. Especially when he has given proof that he resides there.

diana said on July 28th, 2009

After the president and these two guys have their beer, maybe they can come up with a health care plan.

fred said on July 29th, 2009

“After the president and these two guys have their beer, maybe they can come up with a health care plan.”


buy epivir said on July 29th, 2009
fred said on July 29th, 2009

Will someone PLEASE buy something from that butt wipe? Perhaps that will shut him up for 14 microseconds.

Retired Gen. Colin Powell weighed in Tuesday on the controversial arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., chiding his friend for not cooperating with the cops.

“When you’re faced with an officer trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something, this is not the time to get in an argument with him,” Powell told CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

“I was taught that as a child. You don’t argue with a police officer.”

Gates flew off the handle July 16 when a cop investigating a reported break-in asked him to prove he lived in his own house.

“I think he should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal,” Powell said.

But he also questioned why Gates, a frail 58-year-old who is one of the nation’s most prominent black intellectuals, was handcuffed and hauled downtown after it was clear he hadn’t done anything.

fred said on July 29th, 2009

“health care plan.”

Speaking of which, I have one word: TOAST

fred said on July 29th, 2009