African Americans Could Use Affordable Health Care Options

Published by Pamela Gentry on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 12:07 am.

nancy_ann_min_deparleBy Pamela Gentry, Senior Political Analyst

Sept. 11, 2009 – When America has a cold, African Americans have the flu.  And with health care reform the number one issue now driving economic policy the old adages is taking on a whole new meaning for Black families.

Do I need to remind you Black communities represent a disproportionate number of the unemployed, underinsured and uninsured? 

On Thursday I spoke with the president’s top White House advisor to hear firsthand what the president’s reform could  mean for African Americans.  Nancy Ann DeParle, the health care czar praised the president’s address to the joint session of Congress, “It was a great speech and the president is determined to get this done,” she said.

DeParle, the former administrator for the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid told me African Americans could benefit from the president’s plan because of health disparities that exist in the community.  [Blacks suffer higher rates of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease compared to their White counter parts.]  “If they have insurance they’ll have stability and security and protection they haven’t had before,” she said.

And the uninsured will have access to affordable insurance options that offer choice, she said.   When I asked if the president was backing away from the public option, DeParle maintained that there are “different types of public option plans” with various payment rates, but all work toward the same goal: creating “affordable options.”

DeParle echoed the president’s support for the public option.  The administration maintains it will keep the insurance companies honest and the not-for-profit insurer would help keep cost down for everyone who wants to purchase health insurance.  “When there is no competition people don’t often get treated right,” DeParle said.

It’s still debateable how large of an olive branch Obama extended across the aisle Wednesday, but DeParle pointed to suggestions from Republicans already included in the president’s plan.  She noted Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) suggestion to create a high risk pool for very sick individuals as one.  “There are Republican ideas in the plan the president talked about last night,” she said.

Moving  forward the goals continues to be creating affordable health care, keeping cost deficit natural, and slowing overall  cost growth.   DeParle noted, for this to happen they [Congress]  just need to “find a sweet spot” where everyone can come together.

That may be the tough part.

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Betty said on September 11th, 2009

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PLANTATION said on September 11th, 2009

Economic & Social Engineers , Education , Decent Housing , Fair Wages , Universal Health Care ! Peace & Blessings !

David said on September 11th, 2009

Health care is a personal responsible of a person how you eat and being active ! 70 percent of health issues can be avoided just by what a person does. There are emergencies real ones people? And times when everyone needs help legitimate help? You people know that there are people that are chronicle fakers! ( Health insurance) should be affordable to everyone . As life insurance, car insurance, etc. It is your responsible . It is not the tax payers ! The federal gov should have a dept that deals with prehealth care .You people act like it is not your responsible to take care of what you do that it is everyones else’s .

PLANTATION said on September 14th, 2009

I Want My Tax , To Go Toward Universal Health Care , Jobs , Fair Wages , Education , Decent Housing . Not Flying USA , Spaceships To The Moon .

libraluv said on September 18th, 2009

That’s right Plantation. That is fair and it shows we care about other people who are not as lucky or blessed to have those things. See what david doesn’t understand is without those things others have to suffer and this soon becomes a burden on the taxpayers. That may not concern him because he thinks it want effect him……until he looses his job.

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