Cornell Jones: Trying to Rebuild the Ruins

November 13th, 2008


One of the unique qualities of the “American Gangster” series is our ability to look at the history of a big city from several angles and different periods of time. In our three seasons, we’ve done three episodes on Harlem drug kingpins of the ’70s, two on notorious South Central gang bangers, and three on criminal masterminds based out of Chicago.

In our third season we return to the nation’s capitol for a look at Cornell Jones, a figure who pre-dates the man we profiled in season two, Rayful Edmonds. Where Edmonds led a violent gang of enforcers in the late ‘80s, Cornell Jones’s illegal business in the early ’80s specialized in heroin and, most famously, “butt naked,” a mix of marijuana and PCP that literally drove his smokers into intense states of hyper-reality and, even madness. Where Rayful was high profile and showy, Cornell kept a low profile, ruled by charm as well as fear, and maintained strong ties to Washington, D.C. Cornell is the rare “American Gangster” subject who can give a detailed history of his city’s Black community, including a visit to D.C.’s oldest Black church.

Where Rayful was viewed as a threat to Georgetown University’s dynamic basketball program under John Thompson (when he befriended several star players), Jones was a peer of that legendary coach and, in fact, helped protect the team from any taint of scandal. That is why one of Georgetown’s first star players, John Duren, and Thompson himself, willing came on camera to talk about Cornell Jones, the man they knew and respected. Today Jones is still a part of D.C.’s Black community, working hard to rebuild the communities his criminal activities so deeply damaged. At some point, fans of “American Gangster” should watch the Rayful Edmonds and Cornell Jones episodes back to back to get a panoramic view of a drug drenched era in the city of Mayor Marion Barry.

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Big youngin said on November 13th, 2008

As a individual growing up in DC and knowing that Cornell was one of the pioneers and legend of the drug trade. There were plenty soldiers whom I don’t see in any of these documentary that died or lock up forever for the false illusion of wealth. Whille we grab a few and make them some star, but there were many whom lived everyday life and they was just surviving and not fallen to the pry of the what was taught and lived, “that the strong and the crazy only survives”. Many of us just wanted away out and to enjoy the things we seen on life styles of the rich and famous. So we went down that road and hit the gas speeding 90 going north. which no one ever told us that this was not real since it could be taken from us at anytime .Our life became worst than it was or we become something that would scare our mothers. As Cornell done and many before and after him,we only did what was presented to us and the smoke screeen of other options was hiding by means of survival, which we created the tough streets of DC. I salute all of the street soldiers whom trying to make a change and share the sadness and heartache. The ghetto life is more hype than glory, dont believe it.

GS said on November 14th, 2008

I’m sure that many people may have told you or warned you about the path that you were on. It’s just that so many refuse to listen when they are caught up in the life.

EL said on November 14th, 2008

Growing up in DC and the PG, as well as going to public and private school, I always had one leg in one life and one leg in another. DC’s hardest soldiers terrified other cities. DC thugs were all leaders jocking for position in a city not the size of Chicago, etc. You could not get none of them to listen if you wanted to. The air in DC bred a different type of black man and most could have led this nation like a Robert Johnson of BET, or Obama. DC guys could never control their tempers. It has always been fight then ask questions. Kill don’t ask questions and every generation gets worse, more violent until that one soldier comes along that effects these guys positively. Maybe it is still Corn.

Jay said on November 14th, 2008

“No one ever told us that this was not real since it could be taken from us at anytime”??
What does this statement mean? You didn’t have a mind of your own? What kinda moron thinks that drug dealing is the way to get on the Forbes 500 list? Everyone knew the consequences of dealing, but most didn’t care, but suddenly when they got incarcerated it is everyone else’s fault.

Ray said on November 16th, 2008

I sure would liek to know how this player was still driving around in a fancy whip did he negotiate some kind of deal to kepp his assests for the most part. I am not saying what he did was great and should be admired but at least he was not a flashy brotha wearing a crown around his head’ He did his dirt on the low low and had enough since to purchase real estate while he was in the game.

akbar said on November 16th, 2008

I know this man and I can honestly say that through talking with him at times he never glorified His past life like a lot of fake hustlers I know. Yeah we can all argue that we grew up in certain situations that put us in position to do crime. But that doesn’t have any redeeming value with me because we know right from wrong. Nobody thats getting a lot of money illegally looks at the carnage they leave behind and the communities they destroy. So I dont buy into what dude (Big Youngin ) said too much , because we all got a choice. Fast money always been the preferred route in the hoods all across America but you got to be a leader and say I cant go that route. And I am saying this because I came from that. I applaud Cornell for being a stand up guy and moreso for falling on His own sword (unlike these new jacks and Rayful ). Peace

aj said on November 16th, 2008

This show glorifies “American Gangsters” at a historic time in American history. Young people of color should feel encouraged to further their education, empowered to be whatever they set their minds to achieve, and to dream as big as the presidency. This shows some drug cartel driving around in a fancy car after years of selling drugs to inner city youth, robbing banks, and destroying lives. Furthermore, an entire station centered around one race (whatever that race may be) is disturbing and a step back in American history. It really is a disappointment BET does not have more educational and inclusive programming. You can do a feature on Barack Obama but not on his mother???

D.C. 4LIFE said on November 17th, 2008

A.J. the world isn’t just full of Barack Obama’s I commend BET for showing the youth and the world the harsh realities that they may not see in there own day to day lives. These people and these lifestlyes exsist it’s up to you to make sure that you or your friends, family, and love ones don’t become victims or associates of the American Gangsters being profiled. I am from D.C and I have actually seen first hand everything that has been profiled about Rayful Edmonds, Cornell Jones, Eddie Mathis and a host of others. I don’t know any of them personally but I use to see Rayful at the Chapter 3 damn near every Sunday and I remember seeing Cornell as well. People are going to do what there going to do, I never ran up to any of these guys asking them to hook me up.

Aaron said on November 17th, 2008

The series is interesting. I would like to hear more backstory on the devastation to family members, workers, kids that were killed and who lost their parents during the reign of these men who profited from the mental pains are community suffer.

KJack said on November 18th, 2008

As usual, Mr George has given viewers a poignant slice of Black history that reflects the realism of many urban centers in this country. No need to blame a fellow brother who chose to be in the game. Many blacks-and whites-don’t know the true history of America. Some brothers choose a lifestyle out of survival and the need/desire to improve their standard of living. Some viewers obviously don’t watch AG in the context of the historical period of the story. Don’t people realize that the “system” was designed to offer less positive oppurtunites for black men back in the day? That the power structure of this country wanted and encouraged blacks to embrace a negative/destructive lifestyle? I don’t blame Cornell,Rayful,or Midget Molly.

DC Brother said on November 18th, 2008

Cornell Jones took the sole of a community and a city. Butt naked, Love Boat, Heroin, and Crack are the worst things that ever happen to the Washington DC communities. In the early 70s it was Heroin, Wacky Weed, Angel Dust, and Bam. All these drugs could be found from Handover to 5 & M. – 14 street – Berry Farms. These areas are finally coming back from all the devastation from the open air drug trade that Mr. Jones, and
Mr. Edmonds and other low budget drug dealers did to their own communities. You never see an open air drug market in white areas such as Georgetown or the 16 street Gold Cost. I truly hope that our first Black President sets a better example for our young black brother then drug dealers, number runners, pimps, stick-up boys, womanizers, and basketball players who take the money and run without developing their game and obtaining an education. (Look at DC role model like James Brown (CBS Sports, Ed Jordan, Wizard basketball Coach who is also from these same streets Fort Station/Morris Road S .E). Why destroy the block where your mother or father lives. However, it’s nice that BET profiles our intercity background history with these American Gangster shows.

A. McCray said on November 18th, 2008

I am greatful for this show it reveals parts of the drug thug life that some people never know personally or otherwise. I am most touched by the fact that Mr. Cornell has exceptional qualities that some people of color don’t realize they posess. He is what I like to call a leader by seed born to lead people and get things done. Unfortunatly, he did not always use it for good, but now he is giving back to a community that is broken and needing of leadership that cares about the concerns of the people. I am not putting anyone on a pedestal but I congratulate him for accepting that he to needs boundaries in his life to be a true citizen.

DANT said on November 19th, 2008

I saw the show and was trying to find out more information about Cornell’s non profit organization that helps felons. I could not find any information about it. If anyone knows any contacts please let me know.

Monica said on November 19th, 2008


I saw the show and was also interested in his organization along with Ron Moten’s organization, Peaceholics, as well. Cornell is the Director of Miraclehands. When you go on that site, it still doesn’t identify Cornell as being the director but if you google it and put in Cornell and Miraclehands, it tells you that he is the director. I hope this helps.

LANOLA said on November 28th, 2008

I respect Cornell for not ratting on anybody and for taking his lick. I can tell that he was a very smart man when he was in the game and now even that he’s out. It shows that he knew how to mantain wealth illegally and from the looks of the Bently and Versace fit, he’s still maintaining legally. Big ups to Cornell for reaching out to the ex-con’s and opening such a program. Being from New Orleans, another drug and crime infested city, I understand what happens when growing up in certain environments. Yes, you do have a choice, but when the fast money gets into your hands, it’s easier to choose the so called easy money way out without ever thinking of the consequences. Thanks BET for presenting this show to America, not only does it let the youth know the consequenses, but it educates everyone on the senselessness of it all.

Michelle said on November 29th, 2008

Being a woman I have had some of the same experiences some of the same stories of incarceration, drugs and alcohol. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC better known as Montgomery County.

Back in those days we had a fascination with the boys from DC. Go, Go’s Cap Center, and the Armory. Trouble Funk pumpim us up and the EU boogie. These were the years of my experience with the drugs that were part of that scence.

Marijuana was old news in th 80’s it was replaced with name brand drugs like lovely, love boat or buck naked.

1985 was the year I left here with all those experiences and moved to Florida were the scene was different but the experiences were exactly the same. Being young led me to another life of drugs that led to incarceration and many other experiences that came along with the game.

I watch these shows now with a different attitude since my life has changed (18 years ago) from those experiences. Those same trials have made me a soldier of life and a survivor of that type of life. I pride Cornell for sharing his life because it makes me realize that I’m not alone and that I can also do anything .

Thanks Cornell for sharing the story of your life with a person who really understands where your coming from!!!!!

cbailey said on November 29th, 2008

America, we need to start accepting things for what they really are or were. Drugs dominated the african american community. It is what it is. I live in Cleveland Oh and the inner city (ghetto as some call it) The hood mortage/single mother status has provided me with the finances to keep my son in private school . We must learn to take what you need from the hood and leave the rest. I don’t glorify the drug trade, but i encourage my son to keep the focuse so that your only goal is to leave the hood . We as parents must take the reign on our children. BET is just showing us how these individuals got started and how it ended for them. I am sure they are not endorsing “drug dealers”. You may want to have kids sit down and watch this so they are aware that not all stories have fairy tale endings.

Top Notch said on December 4th, 2008

Where the journey to freedom begins!!!

cornell's actual daughter said on December 8th, 2008

hey daddi i no u done wrong and i hav 2 u r jus da biggest role model ever even though you have done wrong i no that u r a good person and i will always love u

sincerly, taylor jones

brezzey ray valintine said on December 10th, 2008

i think that its good that bet profiles these individuals and thay stay talking on an educated bases i to have reformed my life i remember rayful givin us kids in my neiborhood money for the icecream truck cornell thanks for giving back and restoring hope to young men such as myself who may have made a wrong choice or choices in life to know that redemption is possible Im starting on a book speaking on life in drugs and how it effects evreything from politics to race to the entertainment and sports to even religion and how it has become a modern day slavery etc…….someone email me at with a way contact Mr.Cornell Jones organization

brv said on December 10th, 2008


SUNI said on December 16th, 2008

I’m really pissed at BET for this entire series, in dc we have the worst school system in the nation, on of the highest levels of HIV/ AIDS in the nation is this is the type of bull they want to air. I understand surviving and doing what one has to do to survive but damn. I was a student at Douglass Junior High when DC was a city under siege and the murder capital of the world. Living under the daily possibility death does something to the human spirit. Going to 100’s of funerals of friends that lost their lives to the streets was not what a 12 year old child was supposed to be doing, watching my parents struggle and toil with the addiction of the #?~~~%# monster of a DRUG PCP. I remember watching the dudes in my neighborhood running up to cars with outstretched arms hold bottles of water. I remember it all. So shame on #?~~~%# Black.Entertainment.Televison for air this was of time. By no means to I want to slight the Cornell Jones, I don’t know him but they could have focused mainly what he is doing now instead of talking about the BUTT NAKED

Q said on December 16th, 2008

All of it was a illusion.
Thank god for our trials and tribulations..
To live…is to learn…
Besides the truth is. In the feds they say it’s only two type of people.


warren s. said on December 19th, 2008


Jewel said on December 21st, 2008

There is a problem of the glorification of criminality, but that is largely because of richer “people living in white suburbia bubble” seeing it in a light that it is not in, they are the people who see it as cool and take the influence of it and “glorify.” Do not ever glorify people like this because it leads to two places Jail or Dead!
There is serious problems in the ghettos and that some of the young people in that situation see no other opportunities for them and so become part of that culture of crime, they too need help – but I do also of course see the view of the “hard-working law-abiding people” and they should be supported more. I was one of those people and I chose college and hard work ethics!! Go see the movie The Pursuit of Happiness.. sometimes you have to go get a person coffee for them to make it…..! I know I did!

Tara said on December 22nd, 2008

It really makes me wonder why is this man running around in a car like that, and he’s only an community organizer. I thought may be he went out and leased it for the show, you know just to look good. Well what ever it is he sure did look good.

L D said on December 26th, 2008

The Ray Edmonds story may have been better for TV but that is ish did not end for him on a good note. I watch this show purely for entertainment and nothing else. Then again I am in my 30’s and have enough sense to know that going down a certain path can lead to certain things. What it boils down to is parents talking to their kids. TV did not raise me my mother and father did and I was never tempted to get into the streets. As for the DC residents ya’ll are right there with the power use it to your advantage. I don’t understand why the residents let Capitol Hill, Georgetown and George Washington University come in and do nothing for the surrounding communities. Take the kids to Georgetown and let them see what a powerful education can get you and how far it can take you. I am Black so I can say this Black people have to do better Stop placing the blame with everyone else, stop expecting other people to run your households stand and be accountable. We have a great future ahead of us let’s do something with it.

eclarke said on January 12th, 2009

i was wondering if anybody had a way to get intouch with mr Jones. i saw that show last night. and what he is doing with miracle hands my mother and i are also tring to do the same in Richmond, Va, for women. However we can not seem to get any help n pointing us in the right way to start. so if any one knows how to reach nim or any info about starting a no porfit please email at thank you very much.

Juan said on January 13th, 2009

To glorify a drug dealer….yes its wrong…but before us is a man that decided to take things into his own hands and make his own path. Is he really wrong for wanting to live? The way he went about things could have been different..true…but why is he looked upon as bad because he had the heart/guts…to break the imaginary line that this crooked country was built upon…A crooked government produces crooked citizens. I consider Jones a leader because he lived by his own means….I will never condone this…but I understand…Millions of us try to live by the law and abide by rules and find ourselves disappointed after realizing this promising life isnt guaranteed at the end of the road…Why not make your own rules and follow your own road?

Tony said on January 27th, 2009

Hey Corn your doing your best..Your are at the top of your game…and the game your playing is the true game ( helping people out). Forget what the haters say ….Do your thing my man…can’t wait to get back up with you so we can hang out at our spot… you Bro….Peace

L D said on January 30th, 2009

Hey Tony where is the spot so I can be there. I need a man with a Bentley… LOL…

Thomasina Brown said on March 2nd, 2009

Mr. Cornell

Sometimes it come a time in your life when a person come full circle and at the end of the day our priorities fall in place. I’m proud to see that you reflected back on our people and decided to be a positive energy in the same community. If we at first put as much energy into doing God’s work as we do for the devil we would come to the right conclusion early on in life. But its ok us sisters on the west recognize the best and my hats off to you and your quest to do whats right. Don’t let the media exploit you tho. Your reward is in the work itself. We your black community is the only people who cares and who will recognize you for the heroe you are good or bad we love hard and strong. I love your character. Hopefully I’ll find a winner on the west coast like yourself who’s also interested in doing the right thing and bettering our community. God Bless you, your family and everything that you touch. Use your power as a natural born King to help lead our people into change Please!!!!!!!

Loving your style and character,
Ms. Thomasina Brown

Thomasina Brown said on March 2nd, 2009

Does anyone know how to reach this man. I’m trying to start my shelter on the west here in California. Lets build on what he’s doing out there.

Black people lets join hands in prayer and in each others quest for change.

Still waiting for the day to meet you!!!

reggie said on March 8th, 2009

im tryining to reach cornell jones to find out how he started the miracle hand because im trying to start the same type of program in lasvegas .if any knows how to contact him please email me at

Nicole said on March 18th, 2009

I grew up in the heart of DC. I grew up in SW in the Channel Inn Area. I personally know Rayful and many others. I grew up learning to defend myself when people disrespected me.Yes i learned things that i know i should have never learned. In sum ways it helps me today in my life. But think about this as a black women growing up in this world. We have to be stronger back bones for are black men. They wake up with strikes against them before the day even started. When i say strikes i mean from both parties white and black. I am raising my son to be proud and know your facts cuase facts is what they think us as black folks dont really understand.
But i understand it o so well. I live in Florida Now. Were the world is still stuck in the past, And if i didnt know my rights and the law. I would be in trouble. So really we are getting alot of education for the series America Gangstas

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