Shower Posse: Invoking Unbelievable Fear

December 16th, 2008


This is one of the most complex and violent shows in “American Gangster” history. The Shower Posse was born in the rough and ruthless ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. From the ’70s well into the ’80s they were one of several gangs used by Jamaica’s mainstream political parties as tools for extortion and intimidation.
The Shower Posse expanded into the international smuggling of marijuana, sending shipments of ganga to secret air strips throughout the Florida Keys, but they didn’t become a truly feared force in this country until they became heavily involved in the trafficking of crack cocaine.  Using Jamaica as a transportation stop for product moving from South America to the U.S., they then routed it to cities and towns from Miami all the way to Seattle, quickly becoming one of the most feared organizations on the streets.
The name Shower Posse grew out of their reputation for “showering” their opponents with indiscriminant sprays of gunfire from automatic weapons. Vicious shootouts were their specialty. Multiple homicides in Miami, New Jersey and other cities around the U.S. made them more feared than the Bloods and the Crips in many cities. This episode’s producer, Curtis Scoon, says the biggest challenge to putting this show together was the Shower Posse’s enduring reputation in Jamaica and the U.S.
“So violent is the Shower Posse’s history and reputation among the Caribbean immigrant community that even now, more than a decade after their reign in the US, getting people to talk on camera took some serious effort,” Scoon says. “The mere mention of the name still invokes unbelievable fear.”

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