Willie Lloyd: The ‘king of kings’

January 7th, 2009


In our three seasons of “American Gangster,” we’ve done several stories about Chicago’s deeply- ingrained gang culture, but none has an ending as tragic as Willie Lloyd’s, the Vice Lords’ one-time “king of kings”. From the 1960s to the 1990s, Willie was the charismatic and cunning leader of this infamous West Side Chicago gang. The Vice Lord’s propensity for drug dealing, extortion and murder made them feared. Lloyd himself spent time in jail for the 1971 murder of an Iowa policeman. Upon release he became even more powerful and seemed to fear no man, whether rival gang leader or officer of the law.

While doing a stint in jail in the ’90s for gun possession, Willie underwent a transformation and, after his release in 2001, announced his retirement from gang life and became a spokesman for Cease Fire, an anti-gang crusade in Chicago., Bbut his change of heart did not go down well with old friends and foes. In 2003, he was shot multiple times on a Chicago street and ended up. As a result he is paralyzed from the neck down.

C.P. Mortensen, who has produced several of our finest “American Gangster” episodes, recalls the special challenge of putting this show together.

“The biggest difficulty with Willie is that we had complete access to him, but he didn’t have ‘access’  to himself,” says Mortensen. “The spinal injury and the drugs he must take to control his diabetes (and other complications we are not privy to) have made it hard for him to communicate with those around him.  After each question I had to wait long periods of time for him to answer.  Sometimes he got the answer out.  Sometimes he did not. That’s why we did the interview as a “two-shot” including his wife Willa, who served very nearly as an “interpreter” for Willie.  Some of the questions provoked Willie to the point where he was able to summon the strength to reply on his own.   The answer he gives at the end – his last sound bite in the show – was long in coming and very forceful when it arrived.  “Turn away,” he says. “Turn away from the gangs.”

Willie Lloyd’s saga is a tale of Chicago that is both violent and bitter, probably one of the roughest “American Gangster” tales to date.


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Gina said on January 9th, 2009

Why, why did this have to happen. He was trying to change his life. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone. Why are people in the Chi so jealous of what the next man has. Haters? We should be banning together as a people. The Hispanics do it all the time. Look how far they have come while our people haven’t made much progress. Or who or what they are going to be. I wish the people would wake up and see that this city keeps African Americans down. The mothers are too concern with having there drug dealing sons buy them furs and Cady’s. And letting their daughter lay up with their men in their homes. Hoping she will pop out a baby in order to acquire public aid and low income housing. Wake up people!!! You can not blame this man for the ruin of your city and home. Whether he was selling drugs or not. If their were no junkies there would be no money to make. They made the decision to do drugs. You can not blame this man for your son becoming a gang member. Had you been doing your job as a parent. There would be no one to turn to for guidance or love. It would already be provided for in the home. Whether you want to face it or not, it us as women who let things like destroy us. If you want to use the Obama card, his mother didn’t raise scum and his father was not around either. What is the excuse you have to make up for yourself to look in the mirror in the morning.

jboogie said on January 9th, 2009

This is to Willie Lloyd, my God be with you. I hope you are more conscience to understand that God is hear for you, and all of us. Understand that you need to save yourself first, mentally. That’s the only way the story can be told, in formate that someone can understand. Some years ago I saw at one of the local phone story, and looked at me and walk pass without speaking. It’s true that you didn’t know me, but I knew you and your history. Eventhough there’s no sequence to this statement that I’m leaving you, the message is get it RIGHT with God, because he’s the conclusion to the, “Legacy of Willie Lloyd”. My God keep blessing you and your family.

Lele said on January 9th, 2009

Willie Lloyd life shown here on BET is something it shows a King of his hoods from city to city this man is still KING in our hood it’s sad that we only seen the bad for which was shown in the media he did good in his community and still I did’nt see that I do know this man is a good person and very loving person and it is sad how his own brother can do something like this to him in his community knowing there can only be ONE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE,PEACE,JOY…….

zario said on January 9th, 2009

yes he was bad dude i had a face to face with hem and i was a ganster not a vicelord. but we worked it out

david said on January 10th, 2009

he ended up being a retard in a wheelchair. He spent half of his life in prison. another dumb gangster

Melvin said on January 10th, 2009

American Gangster is one of the best well put show’s ever.I just wanted the producer to know if he’s reading this please!!! do an American Gangster special on Easy-E (Eric Wright) and NWA.They were on of the best gangster rap groups of all time and had an influence on gang life.during the 80’s Los Angelos was full of gang violence and police brutality.If you can do one on Edgar J. Hoover why not the greatest rap group of all time.

Unknown_ lord said on January 11th, 2009

I myself was a part of this MOB, there were good times and bad times in this Family. I myself know China Joe, a good man. Even though I didn’t know Willie myself I was one of baby Ty’s boys, a Snypa! In the early 90’s me and my crew did 10,000 a day in fifth city . We paid dues to Willie and Baby Ty, it wasn’t nothing . We respected King and Chief, the beef they had with one another was personal. But as we got older it started to become a crew thing instead of a MOB thing because the other blocks around us wasn’t making money like us so they hated on us, so blocks started getting in- to- it with each other over stupid stuff and stupid stuff lead us to battles with each other. Like A.G. Said Willie was getting high asking for dues and we wasn’t trying to hear that. He was trying to extort the MOB and telling the police he was anti- gang so he got hit up for being a hypocrit!

mook said on January 11th, 2009

yall really didnt know willie lloyd, all you know is what the media portrayed to you..which was all bad stuff,he turned away from the gangs after his last release from prison…ppl didnt want to accept that i should know im his son

Unknown_lord said on January 11th, 2009

You know Willie was still trying to get money from us, If your really his son you know the truth, you us to go pick up packages for him! Like isaid I didn’t know him, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t handle that business!

Mike said on January 12th, 2009

Willie created a program called Against All Odds, which I was the Vice President. It was a program designed to deter young/women from the gang life among other things. With his help, I was able to get gang members off the street back in to school. Many have gone on to be successful. The documentary did not reveal that. When I first arrived in chicago I too heard of the infamous Willie, but the Willie I new was going through a psychological transformation. Those in power new his abilty and feared what he could do to unite people for those who still listened. Willie and I spent many times together talking about his fate. I recall him saying that if he died of a horrible death he would have to accept it from all the wrong he had done. Willie chose not to travel with an entourage of security during the later part of his life. He understood the laws of the world and he faced it. He new that if you lived by the sword you die by the sword. Willie did not create himself. He was the product of a system far greater tham himself. His fate was determined before he was born. Until we understand, they will be more Willie Lloyd’s. Peace.

Mark said on January 12th, 2009

All I can say is Karma is a mutha. Killing an officer and ordering so many others killed is the reason why he’s in the state he’s in right now. The man above is exacting the revenge others could not. You think you can do all that killing and not have it come back on you just because you “reformed”. Give me a break. If it was my father he killed, I’d laugh everytime I saw him in that wheelchair. Big pimping in the 70s, and now he can’t even wipe his own a$$.

NENE said on January 12th, 2009


kiki60651 said on January 13th, 2009


Playa said on January 14th, 2009

Well to tell you the truth here in TN the Vice Lord members are so divided it doesn’t shock me to here of this tragic downfall. Between the different branches and the different kings that only divided the strength of the Vice Lord Nation it almost seems that our nation was destin not to succeed.The tale of a fallen king may get the attention of the people,but this has been seen through out our nation for most of my 27 years. We can’t come together as a unit let alone a union! MIVL

silk capone said on January 15th, 2009

I think that Chiefs story is one to be shared with those of us around america ,thinking you can live a life of crime and have no repercussion ,or think you are willing to live with those repercussions, I am a true vicelord I live my life by nation laws reguardless of how the media portrays the actions of young idiots calling themselves Vicelords we are not all killers .Oh yeah you guys should do a show on Angelo Roberts and Elbert “Pierre” Mahone. Love, Truth,Peace,Freedom,Justice.

gina leigh said on January 15th, 2009

it was not about jealousy… in gangs you have laws and one must abide by the law… this lil king of kings lived by the sword… he betrayed the gangs!!! though he was doing the right thing by getting his life together… i think of ALL the lives he’s destroyed!!! there are children and children of children trying to get their lives together because of him and his doings… he’s destroyed generations… though he’s paralyzed from the neck down he’s still alive!!! and got a wife to doing for him what he cant…. many of his victims do not!!! you reap what you sow! let him pray to the King of Kings!!!!

Big Dog MARIANNA, ARK, said on January 17th, 2009

Well the will of GOD!!! has been Done!!! no MAN!!! shell LIVE!!! There LIFE!!! Before GOD!!! Do you hear me People so THINK HARD before it becomes you!!! !!! DO A SHOW ON ERIC (EAZY- E) WRIGHT AND N.W.A.!!!! AND THE GANGS IN LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS!!!! THERE IS ONE KING AND HE IS KING GOD!!!!! LOVE YOUR GOD!!! AND YOU SHELL LOVE ALL!!!! GOOD BYE!!! Big Dog MARIANNA, ARKANSAS!!!!

Destiny said on January 22nd, 2009

Meet me in the park, a line he was very famous for. Well, they did and it went down. Before we gratify poor Willie lets not forget who he was and what he did, he made many victims & now we should feel sorry for him because he is one. How many lives did he ruin, turn upside down, take fathers, sons, brothers etc…So no I don’t feel sorry for him-Karma is a mf..If youre giving it you had better be ready to get it-All to often these mothers show up at the scene screaming, acting a fool-knowing their children aint-shi…& the world is better of without em….Live your life in they way you want it to go, live it fast then it’ll go fast.

J-WOOD said on January 22nd, 2009

shot out to all brotha’s under this 5 it all apart of the game many of us has falling just look alot of brotha’s died for this thang …..i’m still here because as a child i thought as a child but when i became a man i put away childest thing i gonna give it to you in the raw….don’t think for one minute you can’t be dealt with…..so understand do right and right will forward you…..

KOOL said on January 24th, 2009

Where was “The Hole” set. It looked like it was by a Rockwell Gardens building. Also was Fifith City a set separate from Ghost Town?

mona said on January 24th, 2009

Some advise for the makers of American Gangster please look into Rich Alpo and AZ story. Look into Wayne Perry who was a hitman and also an associate of Rayful Edmond and Alberto Martinez (Alpo) This will be a classic and sad American Gangster story.

GC said on February 7th, 2009

Looking at Willie Lloyd I realized that either way things were gonna come back on him whether he was still involved in the streets or not. Some cats dont give a sh-t about you coming clean. They want that ass, they gonna get it. Also I wonder how all the different gangs functioned around each other. You had Jeff Fort and the P stones, then Larry Hoover’s people and you had Vice Lords. Either way we all need to wake up and start making changes because being a gangster will get you killed, locked up, or living in paranoia..

C-FLUID said on February 11th, 2009

The Hole WAS the 1st buildings of the robert Taylor homes to be torn down. On 53rd & State. The last of the Taylors that had People in them… Utha was a thug & he was not on his deen. So he got what the Creator had in store 4 him! Believe that him being shot is something that he had coming 4 a long time!!!

CASH said on February 11th, 2009


U Taker VL said on February 14th, 2009

Willie was a gangsta. His hustle was to depend on other hustlers. If you’re a chief of a Mob, you have to be able to take care of a MOB. You can’t take care of a MOB by runnin’ around with your hand out. If you don’t have a connect to supply your guys with a product to support themselves, how do you think you got somethin’ comin’. You can’t!!! If they’re broke, you’re broke. Willie had no hustle, and he got what he gave… DESTUCTION!!! What else was he expecting, a joyful life w/retirement benefits. When you runnin’ the streets, if you can’t politic, you’re not gonna make it. That’s just the reality of it. PERIOD… Big Love 2 Neef!!! My Cheif when I was in the Game. Thanx. Peace to the Vice Lord Nation, Conservative, Travelers, Cicero & Mafia Insanes, Renegades, and All the other Branches of The Nation. Undertaker Vice Lords, Peace & Love To You All!!!

Brotha Marvin said on March 2nd, 2009

To my brotha Willie God love you man….it ain’t nothing in this world that we can do that the real king can’t forgive us forno matter what it is…god is first….he has forgiving you….along time ago….the only way you can let go is you have to forgive yourself….let go…and let god…i’m a brotha from the westside of chicago…i now live in orlando florida i had to leave to keep from staying in the dept of hell….get to know god heis the answer

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big blood said on April 1st, 2009

willy is mmy brother thru the nicklewhich makes the vice lords brothers to the blood gang nation 5 in the sky peoples and damu 4 life suwoop

Darrion Ferrell said on April 15th, 2009

Insane Vice Lord all Day!

dustin land said on April 19th, 2009

alls well to da kin9 of kin9s insane vice lord nation 5 poppin 6 droppin

cb said on April 19th, 2009

We need a show on ganster shorty freemon. Bd

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