BET Awards: Drake Signs Deal With Universal??????

June 26th, 2009

Drake performs at S.O.B.'s on May 26, 2009 in New York City.*Kanye West Voice* C’mon homey, WE MAJOR….WE MAJOR?? I know this post is probably going to ruffle a few feathers, but hey, the wait is driving A LOT of us insane so I might as well let the cat out the bag. According to several sources on the left coast, Toronto native, and Hip-Hop’s second coming, Drake, who’s been used as tug toy between Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Interscope Records and Def Jam Records has allegedly inked a deal with Universal Records.

From my understanding, Drake was set to announce his new found Hip-Hop residence some time soon, but I guess word got out a little premature and landed directly in my lap. Now, the lil birdie who threw me this tidbit got the information straight from the label, so you can kill the “LowKey’s making up ish” commentary- ASAP. And if this doesn’t serve true, well someone up at Universal Records has a lot of explaining to do.

Before this new sprinkle of information, Drake was reportedly being courted by not only Atlantic Records, but Def Jam and Interscope as well. It’s also being said that the Hip-Hop rookie turned down a hefty sized offering from Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records which was reported to be worth about $2 Million.

Assuming the signing is valid, Drake can officially join his bosses’ Young Money conglomerate over at Universal Motown. Though details and numbers in regards to Drake’s signing haven’t been revealed just yet, I’m sure more batches of information will surface this weekend out in L.A., since there’s 92.6% Mr. Drizzy will be somewhere lurking around The Shrine Auditorium come Sunday, June 28.

The 2009 BET Awards are HERE.……..KEEP IT LOCKED!


Low “Congrats to Drake…GOOD LUCK” Key

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k9 Said on

The hell?

Interscope and Def Jam are subsidiaries of Universal Records…

CheezyDoDo Said on

I saw on his twitter that his goofy ass tore his AClL,Hopefully he could still make it to the Awards on Sunday

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[...] Drake fans can quit twiddling their thumbs and jump for joy. It has recently been confirmed that the Young Money protege has recently inked a deal with Universal Records. He has yet to release a statement to the public, but sources from the label say it is indeed true. This is definitely a good look for Drake, and I can’t wait for what’s to come with his career. Read more [here] [...]

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[...] You probably won’t see Drake announce his label home since I pretty much did it for him on this side of town. Not trying to burst his “Surprise I signed with..” bubble, but that information pretty [...]

waverly Said on

The BET awards ceremony was beautiful ! And thank you for honoring “The King of Pop” as he will be missed!!! But I ask this with respect when are we going to ask our young men to PULL UP THERE PANTS. Once the Rappers came on stage it took all I could to not to turn the TV off. I understand artistic talent and creativity , but why do we need to see someone’s underwear and listen to the vulgarity. I know I am old school and I say what’s wrong with that.
Let’s try to keep it real and clean . To the Jackson family my prayers are with you , More Love..


jonny66 Said on

If Drake is hi-hops future, the game is over ,dude is as exciting as watching paint dry.

mark Said on

you got a deal with capital you better make sure its not wack

tesap Said on

Who cares….another NO SKILL……got a deal………