Wendy on Fashion, Good Hair and Blind Dates

Published by TV Talker on Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 11:47 am.



Ms. Wendy keeps the guests coming and the conversation hilarious!

Famous ATL hair stylists Derrick J and Jason Griggers were in the house. Hope you didn’t miss Derrick J sporting his peep-toe high heel boots and Jason rocking the famous, “How you doin?” line.

Keeping with the hair theme, Chris Rock was on set to talk about his new film, “Good Hair.” Who knows more about hair than Wendy Williams? Ms. Wendy, I think you met your match.

In this week’s SAY WHAT!? clip, check out Derrick J’s peep-toe boots and hear what Chris Rocks says NOT to say on a first date. WATCH!

Catch “The Wendy Williams Show” on BET, weeknights at 12 AM/11C. Catch the encore at 8 AM/7C.

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