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Be Ready by November (pt. 2)

Published by T. J. Holmes on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 1:50 pm.

I wrote earlier, “There’s an organized effort to suppress the vote of people who generally vote for Democrats. There, I said it. Now…what are we going to do about it?” In this post, I want to talk directly to young people, especially our students out there – because your rights really could be at risk.

Voting Rights for Students

Young people, you really are going to have to be on top of things. Many changes to state voter ID laws will affect you. In some cases, a college ID won’t be accepted at the polling place. For instance, a new law in Pennsylvania requires an expiration date on your photo ID in order to vote. Well, guess what? Most colleges in Pennsylvania don’t put expiration dates on student IDs. If you’re not paying attention, things like that can keep you from voting.

Again, the NCLS link has a breakdown of the accepted forms of ID.

Also, you can go to this page on the NYU Brennan Center for Justice website. Click on your state, and you’ll be taken to a page with specific information about student residency and ID requirements.

This election year, one of the biggest lessons may be what’s happening off-campus.  Take time right now to check your ID and get yourself registered. When it comes to your right to vote — Don’t Sleep!

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